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The snow is light and fluffy but collects quickly

The restaurant is far too nice to be polarizing, but it won’t be everybody’s cold glass of milk. Diners from the Instagram generation might want more crunch, more adventure or more spontaneity. I hope that as it settles into its new home, it gets a little less self referential. sex toys He was born in […]

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A tragic scam perpetuated by the clergy of all religions

Canada Goose sale There was good reason for this belief one is long term and one is short term. The long term lesson of history for the Jews in Germany was that Hitler was not the first antisemite in history; he surely wouldn be the last, but that the Jewish people had outlived previous antisemites […]

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David Staples: ‘People are dying because of these rules’:

“But do you think Uther will be able to fight silver pendant, sick as he is?” whispers Ophelia pendant for necklace, as if trying not to let others hear her state aloud what all can plainly see. “Uther hardly shows himself at court; and, when he does, there’s hollowness to his cheeks and a drawn […]

Philosophy to me, seems to be a combination of sociology and

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