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Consider the alleged suicide on Aug. 10 of wealthy accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, which provoked Trump to retweet two absurd posts insinuating former president Bill Clinton’s connection to Epstein’s death. At about the same time, many Trump critics on Twitter were suggesting that he might have played a dark role in the episode.. The […]

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Practically any smartphone will play music, so if you have one, just get a roomy SD card and your favorite music player app and have at it. I haven heard much about any other music players besides iPods, so I might not be the best person for that. If it counts for anything, my 3rd […]

Another longtime downtown establishment is F Street Station

Seventy years ago this month, the dress designer Ted Tinling created a daring ensemble for the lanky American tennis player. The white dress offered a sculpted bodice, a tight waist and an unusually short skirt. When Moran asked him about the vagaries of the breeze, Tinling threw in a pair of silk lace underwear.. louis […]

Only very old ice from a deep glacier (the result of hundreds

Its canada goose turquoise glow gives the berg an ethereal aura, but it is history, not Inuit magic, that responsible. Only very old ice from a deep glacier (the result of hundreds of thousands of years of compression) reflects light as blue; younger icebergs are white. What I am seeing is an amazing part of […]

The truly scrumptious, fluffy delightfulness of Krispy Kreme

Replica Hermes uk That how we practised, just looking at our options. Petan: don know what the rotation is going to be like, but I know I in. SETTLED. I don remember anyone saying anything about a recession in 2014 16 and I am constantly monitoring this. What I see right now is global steel, […]

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The existing wildlife law and the tribal rights provided under the FRA have often ended up in conflict during implementation. The government does not maintain a public database of how many tribals have got their rights in national parks and sanctuaries since 2006 when the law was passed. The draft provides for overruling of other […]

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“I’m sympathetic to the idea that the large collection of federal lands ought to be turned back to the states and the people, but I think the best way to bring about change is through politics,” said Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky. “That’s why I entered the electoral arena. replica bags wholesale Sorry to be […]

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When a dildo was left in the desk drawer of a female administrator, Schaapcalled it a MeToo moment. (At least one successfully sued to get his job back.)[The Netherlands’ racist blackface tradition needs to go]The firefighters did not like that Schaap spoke publicly about the problems in the department and how it impacted the women […]